Are You Prepared to Survive Any Disaster?

How prepared are you and your family in the event that the unthinkable happens?Survive Anything

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I live in a state where hurricanes are prevalent… and I also live in a country where times have changed and the economy is not exactly stable.  You might live somewhere that is prone to wild fires or blizzards.  Or you may be in an area of civil unrest like the recent protests in Ferguson and Baltimore.  The world is getting more and more unsafe and the country is getting worse.  The point is, we all need to be aware of potential disasters or disturbances that may occur in our future…  big or small. Being prepared and having a plan is half the battle.

Most of us think that disasters happen to other people but that won’t ever happen to us.

I used to think like that, until a few years ago when a hurricane completely disrupted my family’s life.  We were without power for a full two weeks and the grocery stores were completely empty…. not to mention the lack of fuel at any of the gas stations.

Natural disasters are one thing… and most of us will only be affected for a few days to a couple of weeks, but what happens in the case of terrorism or civil unrest.  These are very real dangers in the current world we live in and things can turn from good to bad in a heartbeat.

Are you prepared?  Do you know what you need to do in order to be better prepared?  Have you thought about how you will feed your family or where you will get clean water?  Do you know how to protect/defend yourself and your property?

These questions may seem quite daunting… which is why some people choose to live in a state of denial or blissful ignorance.  But the reality is that ignoring the possible future or dangers that currently exist won’t make the problem go away.  If you are interested in becoming more prepared or starting to get your family more secure than you will definitely want to check out this extremely informative book.  It’s called Survive Anything and it is a virtual toolbox full of the information and skills you will need to survive anything like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, civil unrest, and even a terrorist attack.

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