Blender Bottle GoStak Review

Product: Blender Bottle GoStak Jarsgostak
Brand: Blender Bottle
Price: $12.99

About the Brand

Blender Bottle was founded in 2000 and is a leading manufacturer of premium and innovative products mostly in the health and fitness idustry.  Products from Blender Bottle have been labeled as some of the “hottest new products” on the market by Good Morning America, Men’s Fitness, and The Today Show.

All Blender Bottle products are backed by a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.  As a global leader in the health and fitness industry, they have introduced a variety of premium shaker cups and storage systems. In an attempt to solve he problem of lumpy protein shakes, Blender Bottle revolutionized the supplement industry with the introduction of the BlenderBall® wire whisk.

About the Productsingle-gostak

The Blender Bottle GoStak is a collection of stackable jars that are sleek, portable, and versatile. They are designed to carry powders, vitamins, supplements, snacks, and more.  It comes with a removable carry handle that allows you to clip it to a backpack easily.

My Review

When I first got my GoStak, I was surprised at the sleekness of it.  I loved the slenderness and portability.  When I’m packing for a trip or simply taking supplements with me to the gym, I love the fact that my GoStak fits perfectly and isn’t bulky or awkward.  I simply slip it in the side panel of my backpack or clip it to my bag during travel.


I also really like the fact that I can just take 2 jars with me if I need to.  I don’t always need 4, and it’s simple to just detach them and leave them behind for another day.  I usually pack protein powder in one and my BCAA’s in another.  The smaller jars are perfect for vitamins and supplements.

Another cool idea is to put dog treats in the GoStak.  I have a Blue Heeler and often times I take him hiking with me.  Being able to have a few treats available is perfect for him.  I have a dedicated GoStak just for him.


Product Info

  • Stain and Odor Resistant
  • Twist N’ Lock Technology
  • Removable Carry Handle
  • Mix and Match jars
  • Compact for Travel

Who is this product for?

  • Campers
  • Backpackers
  • Travelers
  • Hikers
  • Health and Fitness Enthusiasts
  • Parents of toddlers or puppies… (Anyone who needs snacks handy)

Final Thoughts


This product has easily become one of my favorite go-to’s.  It is so versatile and sleek.  The price is extremely affordable as well.


I have yet to find a negative thing about this storage unit.  It is easily cleaned and stain proof.  I guess the only con is that I don’t have more of them.  Well, not yet anyway.  😉

Where Can You Get it?

blender-bottle-logo        Blender Bottle products are available at Amazon

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  1. Hi,

    This is pretty cool. I’m just curious are these designed to hold liquid as well?

    Sometimes I like to put water in my shaker and then bring it with me maybe on a hike or something then when I’m ready for my protein shake I just dump the powder in and I’m good to go.

    This Gostak would be perfect for this because there would be additional space for some trail mix or other snack foods. Or like you said, dog treats.


    • I suppose you could hold liquid in them… although it wouldn’t be very much considering the size. But technically it is leak proof, so YES. I really love the convenience of the Gostak and I just recently took a trip where I packed my Gostak with protein powder (for my morning coffee), BCAA’s for my workout, and my daily vitamin supplements. It was so easy to carry and took up very little room.

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