Cheesy Chili Potatoes

Cheesy Chili PotatoesCheesy Potatoes


Frozen diced potatoes
Can of Chili (Hot Dog Sauce)
Velveeta cheese sauce packets
Cooking Spray


Spray pot to avoid sticking.
Place potatoes in pot, followed by the chili and then 1 cheese sauce packet.

Potatoes and Chili Cheesy Chili Potatoes

Cover the pot with aluminum foil and place over fire. Continuously stir as it heats and add another cheese sauce packet once the first one has melted and been incorporated well.

Camping Stove

Once everything is heated thoroughly and gooey, take off the heat and enjoy. We just eat this straight out of the pot. It’s also good as a dip for chips.

Cheesy Chili Potato Hash

Add ons:

Sliced mushrooms (canned)

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