Firestarters that work

What are some of the best ways to start a fire? Try some of these tested firestarter techniques and never be without a campfire again!

1.  Dixie cup filled with dryer lint and wax.

2. Paraffin soaked cardboard – cut cardboard into strips (about 1 inch wide), soak in paraffin and store in zip top bag.

3. Use a wad of dryer lint and a trick birthday candle.  I keep a container near my dryer so I collect the dryer lint after every cycle.

4.  Dryer lint soaked in rubbing alcohol…. store in small container like an old prescription bottle.

5.  Egg Cartons filled with wax.

Of course, if you rather just purchase a trusty firestarter, might I suggest adding a magnesium firestarter to your equipment.

Camping Firestarter


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