Folding Camping Table – Perfect for Beach Camping

Product: Folding Camping Table with Drink Holders
Price: $20 USD
My rating: 8/10

About the Product

This foldable camping table is lightweight and compact and perfect for beach camping, quick lunches after mountain biking, or regular camping. The table has 2 cup holders for beverages… which allows the user to have a drink nearby without the risk of spillage.

When folded, the table fits into the carrying bag which is included. It has plastic grooved gripping feet to keep it from sliding around. It measures about 20”x20” and is great for picnics or soccer games.

Folding Camping Table2

My Review

I am always looking for easy table top surfaces when I go camping or when I take a mountain biking trail and need a quick lunch setup after I get done. The one thing I hate about camping, is having to constantly bend over or use makeshift table tops out of crates or boxes. Having an actual table to set things on and utilize for prep is so convenient. This table top is most useful for setting things on or as a dining table for 2.

I wouldn’t recommend it as a specific prep table because of the canvas material… it doesn’t offer much in the way of a hard cutting/prepping surface. However, it does act as a perfect countertop space or extra table when needed.
Personally, I use it when I set up a parking lot lunch after an afternoon of fly-fishing or mountain biking. Before I hop back in my truck, I like to refuel and having an easy table top to set up is perfect for me. I also bring it along when I go camping with my family…. any extra table space is a luxury that I find very useful.

Product Info

  • Dimensions: Open: 19 ” X 19″ X 17.5″ h
  • Carrying bag included
  • Folded Size: 5″ X 5″ X 25″

Who is this product for?

  • Beach campers
  • Tailgaters and soccer moms
  • RVers and tent campers

Folding Camping Table3

Final Thoughts

This table is super easy to set up and is incredibly compact, which adds to it’s ease of use. It is also extremely affordable and offers extra surface space for cooking, dining, or playing cards.

There are only 2 cupholders that really only hold the standard 12 oz can or small Solo cup. The canvas material is great, however it does not provide a super sturdy surface. Mostly useful for placing things on and not for cutting or hard prep work.

My Rating:


I personally picked up a couple of these tables in order to have them easily accessible when I am anywhere outdoors. I’ve used them on the beach as well as camping. I love being able to quickly unfold the table and set it up in seconds.

Where Can You Get it?

This folding camping table is available on

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