GoPro Hero Review

Everyone has a video camera device these days, but which one is really the best?  I personally prefer the GoPro Hero brand of Cameras.  They are so versatile and in combination with the many various attachment accessories available, you can get killer videos in any extreme situation or adventure scenario.

This past Christmas, I received one of my all time favorite gifts from my husband. It was a GoPro Hero camera.  I had been wanting one for so long, but never pulled the trigger and bought one.  Well, my sweet husband recognized my overwhelming desire to own this awesome camera and he surprised me on Christmas morning!

I immediately put it to use on my wedding anniversary.  We rented a small cabin on the Guadalupe River and I had a chance to film my fly fishing sessions with my new GoPro.  The picture quality is incredible and the wide angle allows you to get great footage all while enjoying what you are doing.  In other words, once you hit record, the GoPro does all the work… you just have to give it a subject worth filming.

One thing I absolutely love about my GoPro is that I can control it from my phone.  I downloaded the GoPro app and it connects wirelessly to the camera.  I can hit record on my phone or view previous footage that I’ve shot.  It really is useful and a great feature to have.


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