Govino Unbreakable Wine Glass Review

Have you ever been out camping or traveling on the road and wanted to relax with a nice glass of wine?  Sounds like an easy thing to do, but you have to pack (carefully) glassware unless you plan on drinking straight from the bottle. Enter the Shatterproof Wine Glass!!!! It’s a game changer and it’s useful for more than just camping…. poolside parties, hot tubs, picnics…. anywhere you don’t want breakable glass.

Product: Govino Shatterproof Wine Glasses
Price: $12.95 USD (set of 4)Unbreakable Wine Glasses
My rating: 10/10

About the Brand

Govino originally started in 2008 in order to provide wine makers with stemware while they were on the go selling their product. As a result, Govino was the first unbreakable wine glass to be accepted by the wine industry.

Govino products are made from a flexible, BPA polymer. This makes them not only recyclable but also reusable. And it also properly showcases all types of wines, beers, and spirits. Govino glasses look and perform like fine crystal.

The unbreakable glasses are perfect for camping, picnics, poolside parties, and anywhere breakable glass is not wanted.

My Review – A Wine Glass for Camping

I always enjoy a glass of wine to relax at the end of the day and when I’m traveling or camping, that is even more true. Recently while spending the weekend at a cabin near Medina Lake, my husband found these awesome wine glasses. He actually surprised me with them because he knows just how much I like my wine and champagne on vacations.

Unbreakable Wine Glass

The look of the glasses resembles regular crystal glasses, however they are much lighter and they have an indention for your thumb. This allows you to swirl the glass the way most wine enthusiasts always seem to do. The glass is slightly flexible and is easy to clean. Govino also has a top rack only dishwasher safe version.

  GoVino Wine GlassGovino Champagne Glass

Product Info

This product is made of ultra thin, flexible BPA free polymer. It is shatterproof, reusable, and recyclable. Made in the USA!

Price and Size

$12.95 USD for a set of 4, 16 oz wine glasses

Govino wine set
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Who is this product for?

  • CampersGovino Wine Picnic
  • Backpackers
  • Travellers
  • Party Goers
  • Picnic Lovers
  • Anyone who drinks on the go

Final Thoughts


The fact that this product is unbreakable is probably the best pro of all. It is also easily packed for travel and it looks exactly like regular glass. Another pro is that they are extremely affordable.  $12.95 for a set of 4 is an incredible deal.


Not really any cons to this product. I mean it holds alcohol… that’s NEVER a bad thing! 😉

My Rating:


Where Can You Get it?

Govino products are available on

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  1. Hey

    Nice review !
    Who didn’t had a broken glass when you start to unpack your things after arriving to your camping place ?
    I did a few times and let me tell you that having to fish broken glasses in my backpack wasn’t fun at all!

    This product will save me of that and the price is affordable ,so count me in for 4 !


    • Yes, broken glass is not something you want out on the trail or at a campsite. I also use these glasses at home when I want a glass of wine in the hot tub… another place where it’s easy to break glass.

  2. Great review, I now know what I’m going to be buying my sister for a Christmas present this year. She loves her wine, well anything alcoholic to be honest and there’s not a glass alive that can survive the night when she’s around lol. These couldn’t be any more perfect.

    • Your sister sounds super fun! They do make great gifts, I actually gave a set of four to one of my good friends last year and she loves them.

  3. I can certainly see the value in these wine glasses if they are indeed unbreakable. Not only for on the go wine drinkers but for those who just find themselves breaking glasses a lot. Wine glasses are generally easy to break. I have a couple sets of wine glasses right now and one of the glasses just broke a couple days ago. I keep 2 sets because I break so many. I find myself replacing one of the sets every year or so. The glasses I use are about $6 for each glass. I may consider buying these glasses next time I buy a set. Thanks for the info.

    • You’re right, Bill… unbreakable glasses are a great idea even for those who are not wine drinkers. Broken glass can be very dangerous, so I try to avoid the situation in the first place. I know you will enjoy these wine glasses if you happen to purchase them. I just used mine last weekend when staying at a hotel on vacation and I always choose these glasses when hanging out in the hot tub.

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