MSR Pocket Rocket Stove Review

MSR Pocket Rocket Stove

Lightweight Backpacking Stove

This minimalist backpacking stove is ultralight (3oz) and offers quick heating with no priming needed.  The compact design even fits easily within an insulated mug or small pot to make use of space.

Features at a Glance:

  • Reinforced pot supports
  • Glove friendly control valve
  • Uses MSR IsoPro Fuel (sold seperatley)
  • Made of steel


    • 3.5 x 2 in folded dimensions
    • Boil time = 3.5 min
    • Lightweight and compact (weighs only 3 oz)
    • Perfect for backpacking, camping, and emergencies


Fuel is sold separately and there is no windscreen available for this model.

Note:  A windscreen can be fashioned easily on site.  Using materials you have on hand will help keep storage space and weight to a minimum.

My Opinion:

MSR products have always been well made and easy to use.  I love this stove because it sets up so easily and there is not alot of extra steps… just screw the stove to the fuel, twist the control valve and light.  The heating power of this little stove is excellent.  I have cooked ALL of my meals on this stove while on a 4 day trip.  I brought along an extra fuel canister just in case, but never needed it.

Having one or two of these stoves on hand is perfect for me.  I like to have one with me when I go mountain biking, so I can cook up a quick parking lot lunch when I return to my vehicle after the ride.

Leave a comment and share your favorite meal to cook with rocket stoves or what features you like most about them.

Where to buy
Click Here To Buy:    MSR PocketRocket Stove
Fuel –           Isopro Canister Fuel 4 Oz

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