Transporting Eggs to the Campsite

What is the Best Way to Transport Eggs to the Campsite?transport eggs

Bacon and eggs sizzling in a cast iron pan over the campfire is one of the best ways to start your morning while camping.  But how do you transport eggs safely?  It doesn’t have to be tricky.

This simple camping hack can make it easy for you to enjoy a hearty breakfast next time you venture out and set up camp.


Stop The Mess – Keep It Simple & Clean

No one likes a mess and eggs can easily cause a huge mess when backpacking or camping.  So how do you safely get eggs to your campsite in order for you to enjoy a hearty breakfast?  The answer is simple really… break them ahead of time.  Let’s be real, you don’t need the shells right?  So why bring them along?

When prepping for a camping trip at home, simply crack the eggs you’ll be needing into a jar or container.  I personally use a mason jar because of it’s tight fitting lid. But you can use anything from plastic containers to washed out Coffee Mate dispensers.

transport eggs

If you need the eggs to be intact (not scrambled), just crack them one at a time into the container and avoid shaking.  The eggs will naturally stay separate and the yolks will stay intact.  You can slowly pour out one egg at a time when needed.

Keep Things Separate – Yolks & Whites, That is!

If a recipe calls for just the yolks or just the whites, you can easily separate them at this point.  Just pour the egg into your hand and allow the whites to pass through your fingers and into a bowl, catching the yolk in your palm.  This method takes a bit of skill and may be more advanced than most people want to deal with.  The key is to slowly pour them out.  If you get in a hurry, you will release too many eggs and they are virtually impossible to recover.

transport eggs

Shake It Up

The easy way is to shake up the amount of eggs you need for a recipe or to feed your crew scrambled eggs in the morning.  Then just transfer to a skillet when it comes time to cook.

You transport eggscan even make markings on the container indicating how many eggs are at what level.  This would be useful if you need 3 eggs for a recipe but want to save the rest for a different meal. Mark the edge with lines up the side of the jar and number them according to how many eggs are in there at that line level. A Sharpie pen works best for this.  It won’t be an exact science, but it gets the job done.


Don’t Be Afraid of the Egg

So next time you go camping, pack some eggs (the easy way) and never have to worry about them cracking while in transit.  Don’t rely on those egg cartons to keep your precious protein safe.


transport eggs


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