What is the Cairn Subscription Box?

CairnUPDATE: Cairn Subscription boxes are no longer sold

Monthly subscription boxes are all the rage right now and there are so many varieties of boxes available. Everything from nutrition snack boxes to boxes for dogs.

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I recently started searching for outdoor/camping subscription boxes and I came across Cairn. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised!

Cairn is based in Bend, Oregon and strives to inspire people to get outside and discover new products that will enrich and expand their experience. The word Cairn refers to a man-made stack of rocks that is usually used to mark trails.

What is the Cairn Subscription Box About?

Basically the Cairn Subscription Box is outdoor inspiration delivered monthly to your door. If you are an outdoor adventure enthusiast or someone who loves camping and being outside in general, then you will love this subscription box.

Every month, you are sent a box of 3-6 amazing outdoor products. The contents inside the box are valued at $50 and up. You simply subscribe, wait for your box, and enjoy. They also have a way that you can review the products and get rewarded with points. Points can be accumulated and once you have enough, you can get a free box.

What is The Cairn Subscription Box

Once you subscribe for your first box, it will be sent to you within a week or two… I got mine in about 5 days. After that, the box is sent around the middle of each month.

It is a subscription, so every month you will be billed, but you can easily cancel and even restart your subscription at any time. So if your budget gets tight and you need to give your wallet a break, you can stop the monthly subscription and then crank it back up again when you want.

2 Subscription Levels

There are 2 separate boxes that you can sign up for. The “Original Box” is the one that I described above and it’s only $29.95 per month. The contents inside are valued at over $50. It is delivered monthly.

Cairn Subscription Box

The 2nd type of box you can subscribe to is called the “Obsidian Box” and it is delivered quarterly. This box includes 5-10 PREMIUM outdoor products (valued at $300+) and costs $199 per quarter.

What Comes in the Box?

Once you subscribe, you are given a profile survey to fill out. This gives Cairn more information about the kind of outdoor activities you enjoy, your apparel sizes, food & drink preferences and so on. This info allows them to better personalize your box.

Cairn Subscription Box
The boxes include items such as gloves, beanies, cookware, gear, energy bars, freeze-dried meals, lip balms, insect repellent, fire starters and first aid items. One of the first boxes I received had an LED headlamp that featured 4 different brightness settings. And I believe one of the boxes over the past summer had a hammock with tree straps.

The Obsidian Box has more Premium items in it. Items such as a Marmot winter jacket, ThermaRest camping chair, Premium lanterns, trekking poles, sleeping bags, etc. In other words, this box includes more big ticket items.

The Brands Cairn Works With

Clif Bar
Hydro Flask
Gossamer Gear
Mountain Smith
And Many Many More!!!

Conclusion – Is it Worth It?

I personally subscribe to this amazing box and I always look forward to walking out to the mailbox and getting that month’s box. It’s like Christmas every month. I like the fact that they personalize the box based on what you are interested in.

I’m contemplating subscribing to the Obsidian Box in the future in order to upgrade my personal inventory of outdoor gear. But so far the Original Box is great and I haven’t been disappointed yet.

I’m even setting aside some of the items that I receive to give as gifts to family and friends for Birthdays or Christmas. Technically that’s not “re-gifting”, is it? Shh don’t tell.

If you are someone who loves the outdoors, camping, skiing, backpacking, etc then you will love this box. I highly suggest signing up at least for a few months and see how you like it.


  1. Hello Elizabeth,

    I have a camping trip coming out in 2 weeks and I was searching for camping gear. I stumbled upon your page as a result and I really like how descriptive you are about the products presented.

    The website is very well laid out and offers all the information needed for camping. I’m still contemplating on the monthly subscription box because I don’t go too often, but definitely a good way to stock up on supplies!

    I have a few friend friends who are super outdoor explorers and can most definitely benefit from this!


    • Thanks, Eric… I plan doing a post every month when I get my box to show what’s included that month and give a few discount codes/promotions… so keep an eye out for that.

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