Camping in the Heat

While most of us have become accustomed to life in the A/C… there are times when such luxury is not available… camping and hiking for example.  So how do you beat the heat and stay cool when enjoying the outdoors or at your campsite?

Stay Hydrated  –  Drink plenty of water throughout the day and avoid cola drinks and caffeine as they act as a diuretic.

Take plenty of water with you if you are hiking and will be away from the campsite for any amount of time. I love to use a hydration bladder when I’m mountain biking or hiking. I have a Camelbak I purchased years ago.

One other tip… Start drinking water as soon as you get up in the morning… don’t wait til you start to get hot or thirsty.

Pack Light  –  Light weight and light colored clothing will help keep you cool…. no dark colors or heavy pants.  Also, pack a lighter nylon sleeping bag or a top sheet to cover up with at night.

Consider investing in a buff that can be worn to help wick away moisture and protect you from UV rays.  Buffs also help regulate your body temperature.  Orvis makes great buffs in a variety of colors and patterns.


Find Shade  –  Try to set up camp in shaded areas or bring a tarp to create your own shade. Pop up canopies are also a quick and easy way to produce shade and they can be moved around as the sun direction changes throughout the day.

Limit Activity in Hottest Part of Day  –  Plan your hikes or biking excursions for early morning or late enough in the evening when the heat from the sun is not at it’s height.  Try to stay in the shade during the hot afternoon (usually between noon and 3pm).


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